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Tibetan Incense - Lama Chodpa Incense - Organic Hand-Blended and Blessed - Tibetan Incense

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Lama Chodpa Incense is 100% free of chemicals, pesticides or additives. This natural Tibetan incense is grown, blessed* & hand made at the Monastery to the exact specifications of an ancient recipe.

Tibetan tradition is strictly adhered to during the process. The purest possible ingredients are hand selected and blended in the mandated proportions.

The carefully dried ingredients are individually ground using a mortar and pestle, blended by hand, then sun dried.

The sticks are then wrapped in tissue paper, hand packed in protective tubing and wax sealed using an auspicious sign seal of Tashi Jong. A remarkable gift for any incense lover this fine product benefits the people of Tashi Jong *. Choose from three wonderful blends! FREE SHIPPING BY MAIL IN THE USA. Larger photos!

lama chodpa incensePurchase your 15 stick tube of Lama Chodpa Incense below. PayPal secure.

Relaxation Incense: $8.95

1 tube contains 15 sticks of Lama Chodpa Tibetan Incense.


The Relaxation Incense is a very calming herbal blend. It has a gentle aroma, and many find it quite soothing.

The Meditation Incense is more refreshing and I find it very helpful for meditation practice and puja, or sadhana practice.

The Clean Environment Incense is very pungent and strong. It has a bright, clean scent and a powerful cleansing or purifying effect.

Hand-rolled sticks are 8" long You get 15 sticks to the tube.

Meditation Incense: $8.95

1 tube contains 15 sticks of Lama Chodpa Tibetan Incense.


Clean Environment: $8.95

1 tube contains 15 sticks of Lama Chodpa Tibetan Incense.


Tibetan incense is best burned standing upright in a small bowl of rice.

*All ingredients are blessed; one however is the object of a 9 days blessing ceremony for 12 hours a day by 150 monks. After the 9 days blessing, it is placed in a Dharma protector room to be blessed once a day for an entire year by a meditation master before being used in the incense.

**Lama Chodpa is produced through the efforts of a charitable society called the Friends of Nub Gon Monastery (named after the Nub Gon monastery in Kham, Eastern Tibet). FNM is a non-profit charity formed between the monks and some lay people of the village with the goal of easing tensions and social concerns through working on projects of great importance to the surrounding community.

In Buddhism the highest spiritual ideal is to cultivate compassion for all sentient beings and to work for there welfare to the greatest possible extent. It is through the sale of Lama Chodpa that the Friends of Nub Gon Monastery hopes to spread powerful blessings and to realize this goal.

FNM is currently building a hospital, creating a school and new learning spaces including a library which will offer literacy camps for young adults and computer skills training, a residence for seniors in the village, and a large scale reforestation effort that involves the local subsistence farmers, local and national governments. FNM has completed an outreach center for social mobility efforts.

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