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Visit a photo gallery of henna tattoos for the arms from Spirit Vision Henna. Note that henna gives the best color on the inner arms in the area shown in the photo to the left.

You can also get very good color on the backs of the hands and the outer arm from the wrist to the elbow. Some henna patterns in this gallery are original designs, others from pattern books.

Men, if you are coming for this style, it's best to remove body hair from the area where you want the henna paste applied. It is also important to wear clothing that Will Not rub against the henna design for six hours or more. Visit the tribal henna tattoo gallery for more a photo album of henna for the arms.

Henna Tattoos for Arms •  A Slideshow Preview

  • sangeet henna pattern
  • original henna tattoo gilded henna
  • peacock henna tattoo pattern for the arm
  • butterfly henna  tattoo

The finished color of your henna tattoo will darken over the first 48 hours after the paste is off the skin. The longer you leave the paste on & the warmere your skin gets, the darker the finished color of your henna tattoo. For more tips... vist the FAQ page.

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Henna Tattoo by Ann George of Spirit Vision Henna Tattoo
Jacksonville Florida

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